Unraveling the Deceptions of Negative Beliefs Through EFT

Have you ever felt trapped by negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself? Like you’re stuck in a dark room with no way out, constantly being told lies that you’re worthless, unloved, or incapable? If so, you’re not alone. We all struggle with negative self-talk and limiting beliefs at times. But what if I told you there’s a way to expose these beliefs for what they really are – mere tricks and illusions?

In this illuminating post guided by Bashar’s wisdom, we’ll go deep into unmasking the tactics that negative beliefs use to keep you small, afraid, and disconnected from your true power. Think of it like getting x-ray vision to see through the facade. Once you can recognize the games being played, you begin to reclaim your freedom of choice. You get to decide which beliefs serve you and which ones to let go.

The Survival Trick

One of the most insidious ploys is when the negative belief tries to convince you that if you don’t cling to it, you’ll literally die. It taps into that primal survival instinct, making you think the belief is all that’s keeping you alive. Of course, this is nonsense, but very effective nonsense if you buy into it.

The “No Way Out” Trap

Negative beliefs also love to make you think there’s no possibility of change, no doorway to something better. They’ll have you believing the negative thought is immutable truth instead of just a limited perspective. By making it seem hopeless, the belief reinforces itself and keeps you stuck.

One major limiting belief the article exposes is the “No Way Out” trap – the idea that negative thoughts are immutable truths with no possibility of change. By tapping on this belief while focusing on examples like “I’m worthless” or “I’m unlovable”, EFT can disrupt the mind-body connection reinforcing it. We can release the emotional charge behind feeling hopelessly stuck, opening ourselves to the truth that these are just limited perspectives, not permanent realities.

Disguising the Light

Here’s another mind-trick: The negative belief will actually hide or disguise any evidence that contradicts its lie. It doesn’t want you to see proof that you are in fact loved, capable, enough, etc. So, it masters the art of making you look the other way anytime a glimpse of light tries to get through. The article also unmasks how negative beliefs will actively “disguise the light” – hiding any evidence that contradicts their lies about our inadequacies. Through EFT, we can target beliefs like “No one will want to read what I have to say” and release the emotional blocks causing us to overlook proof of our value and insights. With the emotional short-circuit, we become more receptive to the supportive feedback and encouragement from others that the belief had blinded us to.

The Paranoia Deflection

When someone does try to reflect back your beauty, worth, and power, the negative belief cries “Paranoia! They’re just trying to mislead you!” It literally makes you paranoid about accepting love, support, and empowerment from others. Sick but true.

Projecting Everything as Negative Even if the belief can’t hide the truth entirely, it does its best to make you see everything through a cascade of negative associations. Like a filter over your perception, it has you projecting negativity onto even positive, neutral or ambiguous information. Nothing can arrive in its pure, supportive form.

The Reward Trap

Bizarrely, negative beliefs actually reward you for buying into their lies. They give you little hits of feeling “safe” or “smart” or “superior” as a payoff for perpetuating the negative cycle. This reward system is like laying a trail of breadcrumbs to keep you invested in the limiting mindset. Perhaps most insidiously, the piece describes how negative beliefs reward us with “hits” of feeling safe or superior as “payoffs” for perpetuating the cycle. EFT allows us to disempower this “Reward Trap” by tapping through the emotional drivers like a desire to feel intelligent or self-protectively “right”. As we release the charge, we disconnect from needing that reward, weakening the belief’s tight grip. We can choose self-worth over those empty payoffs.

I could go on and on about all the tricks, from self-rejection to paranoia to distracting you with busyness. The point is, once you start recognizing these patterns for what they are, you take back immense power. Your x-ray vision sees through the illusions.

More importantly, this awareness allows you to extend compassion to the negative belief itself. You can let it know that it’s not being annihilated or abando ned – simply evolving into one of many alternative viewpoints you get to choose from. When it no longer feels threatened, the negative belief can relax its desperate antics to keep you trapped.

Ultimately, all beliefs, positive or negative, want the same thing – to be seen, heard, and validated for existing. They don’t want to be excluded or eliminated. By offering that acceptance, you neutralize the belief’s anxious need to promote itself at all costs.

From this bigger perspective, you get to be what the teachings call “the power point.” You get to decide what to manifest and experience in your reality, not mindlessly absorb the beliefs being thrown at you. You get to actively Choose the positive self-concept that lights you up and sets you free.

This doesn’t mean eradicating the old, limiting beliefs; it means making them equal choices, not straightjackets. If someday you want to re-visit and experience a negative belief, sure, that’s an option. But it’s no longer a pitiful, knee-jerk default. It’s just one of infinite possibilities that you can engage or not in full freedom.

The doorway is there. The light is there. And now you can extend a loving hand to those psychological shadows, honoring their existence without forcibly changing them….and definitely without being jerked around by their mind games anymore.

You get to open to inspiration, growth, and positive synchronicities instead of feeling perpetually constricted. What liberating implications this has for every area of life!

Does this mean it’ll be a total cakewalk from here? No way. Those tricky negative beliefs may ramp up their smokescreens at first, panic-stricken that you’re moving towards the light. They’ll likely bombard you with amplified doubt, fear, and limiting thoughts as you get closer to that doorway of escape.

But here’s the brilliant catch – every time they try to hook you with an old trick, you’ll simply recognize it as part of the pattern. The x-ray vision will show you, “Oh, there’s just that lack of self-worth loop again.” Or, “Hey, I can call out that paranoia ploy.” Or whatever it is, you’ll basically chucklelike someone who can see the mechanics behind the magic show.

And in that moment of perspective, you’ll instinctively breathe some light and love back towards those panicky negative beliefs. You’ll reassure them, “It’s okay, I see you, and you’re not being eradicated from existence. You’re just not running the show anymore.” Coming from a place of compassion and integration, not separation, you’ll naturally include those old beliefs without hostility.

That’s key – you’re not fighting the negative self-concepts; you’re expanding to include them as small particles in your vast constellation of possibilities. From that abundant vantage point, the negative beliefs have nothing to fight. They can relax and maybe even rejoice in not being the sole linchpin of your identity anymore.

In Conclusion

The point of this understanding is not to “get rid” of anything, but to allow all beliefs and perspectives – positive and negative – to coexist in roomy, balanced equipoise. You get to choose your dominant vibration and expression, but you also get to be flexible, fluid, and accommodating to the full of your psyche.

After all, dissociated parts of the self that are shamed or shunned only get more extreme. Through acceptance and integration, they can regain their natural, relaxed forms without being reactive or controlling.

Does all this make sense? I certainly hope so, because this is a teaching about reclaiming your true, expansive nature. The nature that’s way bigger than any individual self-concept could contain.

If you’re willing to look at the tricks and respond to them with perspective and steadiness, oppressive negative beliefs start to lose their house of cards effect. Let the light of awareness pour through. Give those parts of yourself a hug. And then… choose where to orientyour magnificence from here. It’s all available to you.