Intuitive Readings

Have you ever wondered how to attract your desired life ?

You can have the life you desire by releasing the emotions, finding the blocks or patterns, that have kept you stuck with an Intuitive Reading.

More often than not we seem to recreate our past into our future regardless of our conscious efforts and desires. It is our subconscious beliefs, energetic patterns that are attracting future unwanted events.

We all create our own reality, by letting go of emotions and by changing our thoughts we can alter our future. There are no neutral thoughts. Thoughts create reality, one hundred percent, without exceptions.

When you understand how your emotions and thoughts impact your life you are able to become the Master of your Destiny, and Intuitive Readings can help.

The Intuitive Reading, reveals your energy patterns, your psychic emotions, unconscious beliefs, and the common theme to your past events. This is the theme that is attracting the events you experience. The world is made of fractal structures created by your thoughts.

My approach is to harness the power of intuitive readings using tarot cards to find the root cause of your issues in order to uncover the patterns and beliefs. Once you become aware of how your emotions, subconscious beliefs impact your future, you will have a spiritual awakening and the power make a decision on how to improve your experience.

Your external world is a reflection of your inner feelings and thoughts. Everyone around you mirrors an aspect of yourself. Your experience in your tangible reality is the result of accumulated thoughts and beliefs on your subconscious level.

 In other words, what you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch in your reality is the manifested version of your subconscious activities/unmanifested realm.

In my intuitive readings I utilize my Intuitive and Clairsentient ability with the use of Tarot Cards. I have over 28 years of experience as an Intuitive Tarot Reader and I am very accurate.

I am honest, direct, kind, compassionate and will not leave you in the cold.

I will work with those who seek the truth to help them find a place where they feel safe to become the person they want to be. As an Intuitive Tarot Reader and EFT practitioner, my goal is to guide you hold place where you can experience a deep awakening from within, take charge of your emotions and explore your spirituality.

I offer you tools to master the situation and The Truth Shall Set You Free – from reading your energy vibrations through tarot card readings to helping you interpret your emotions through other techniques such as hacking reality, matrix reimprinting and emotional freedom techniques (EFT).

EFT is 100% effective in releasing emotions.

You can recreate your memory. We memorize only a part of an event based on how we unconsciously decide to frame the experience according to our worldview.

If you do not like what you are experiencing, release low frequency emotions, then you have to change your energy to match the future you want to experience and as your intuitive reader and guide, I will be with you every step of the way.

Give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.


What They Say

Eliana Hourmouziadou Athens, Greece

"I am grateful to Anastasia for convincing me to try EFT and tapping. It is easy to perform and, most important, efficient. Anastasia has the gift of finding gateways leading to a calmer existence by relieving the past of its burdens and long-hidden secrets.!"

Liza Kurtz Sedona Arizona

"It has been wonderful working with Anastasia to clear emotions and beliefs that seemed to be keeping life stuck. She is an amazing guide on the journey – insightful, intuitive, caring, and very sensitive to how the process should unfold. Definitely feels like the work is opening up new possibilities for transformation. The EFT is very freeing and empowering and I love the recommended videos and readings as well. Felt like Divine Timing. Many thanks!!"

Phil Randazzo Reno, Nevada

"Whoever thought taking just a handful of minutes to tap around my head, chest and under my arm would make such a significant difference in my life. Not only learning where to tap but also what to say was a game changer. Anastasia was so patient and walked me through the entire process and I now have tools for life. I can’t thank you enough"

Debbie Vujic Ontario, Canada

"I met Anastasia when I was at my lowest point emotionally (I was devastated to my core and had been suffering for 7 months) and I was also at a crossroads in my life. She did an Intuitive Reading for me and things were not good in my life. She was direct, honest and insightful and I felt an immediate connection to her. She did not sugar coat anything and told me the hard honest truth, which was exactly what I needed to hear no matter how hard it was for me to face my reality. She introduced me to EFT Tapping as an option to heal from what I was going through. I am glad that I took this leap of faith. This has been the most rewarding Journey of my Life. The hardest part is being brutally honest with yourself and peeling back the layers until you get to the raw emotions at your core. Anastasia and EFT tapping, have basically saved my life. Even though I still have more work to do I now know that I will persevere and get to where I want to be. I would not have gone on this journey with anyone other than Anastasia. I am forever grateful to her. I strongly recommend EFT Tapping with Anastasia as your practitioner for anyone that is struggling and looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. The light is there and she will take you to it.! "

Laura Shoemaker Reno, Nevada

"I want to first thank you for the opportunity to work with you.. Working with Anastasia has helped me make some great changes. I have tried several therapeutic techniques and treatment in my lifetime. Learning tapping with Anastasia was so unique. This experience was surprisingly effective with less intrusive tendencies as other traditional treatment. Highly recommend working with Anastasia. I plan to continue my relationship with her on the next level of my treatment. It has been an amazing experience. The tapping and other techniques have been so therapeutic for me. I am continuing to use them as often as I can. Anastasia helped me so much, I am very grateful to have met and worked with you! "

Valeria Valencia Singapore

"I had the pleasure of having 5 EFT sessions with Anastasia. Her professionalism and dedication helped me very much. I was able to remove emotions stored in my body for long time that were holding me back and preventing me to make physical changes in my body. After the session I had with Anastasia, I was able to walk for 20 minutes, no fear, trusting my legs and my body. What I have learned with Anastasia I use it on a daily basis. So grateful for the gift of these sessions.