Manifesting Your Dream Reality Harnessing the Dual Mirror Principle with EFT

Reality Transurfing is a concept created by the Russian quantum physicist Vadim Zeland. One of the key principles in this concept is the “Dual Mirror Principle.” According to Zeland, the world is like a dual mirror that reflects our attitudes towards it and our relationship with it.

The “Dual Mirror” has two sides:

1. The “Forward Mirror” shows our reality, reflecting our actions, thoughts, and emotions.

2. The “Reverse Mirror” reflects our reality with a delay. This is the time taken by the universe to materialize our intentions and desires into our physical reality.

Here are the nine rules that govern the Dual Mirror Principle according to Zeland’s Reality Transurfing:

1. The Mirror Reflects Attitude: The world mirrors your attitude towards it. If you approach life with positivity, life will reflect the same back to you.

Example: If you show kindness to others, people will also treat you with kindness. Conversely, if you show hostility, you will likely encounter hostility from others.

2. The Mirror Reflects with a Delay: There’s a delay between your actions and the reflection from the mirror.

Example: The effort and dedication you put into your studies or work today will be reflected as success in the future.

3. The Mirror Does Not Respond to Coercion: Attempting to force or fight the reflection won’t change it.

Example: If you’re stuck in traffic and get angry, your anger won’t clear the traffic. Acceptance and patience will make the situation more bearable.

4. The Mirror Reflects Indirectly: The mirror responds to the essence of your relationship with the world, not the specifics.

Example: If you feel deserving of success and maintain this attitude, the world will present opportunities for success, maybe not precisely how you imagined, but in ways that match your self-perception.

5. The Mirror is Dual: There is an external and internal mirror. The external reflects your actions and behavior, while the internal reflects your attitudes and beliefs.

Example: If you act confidently (external mirror) and truly believe in your abilities (internal mirror), others will perceive you as confident.

6. The Mirror is Sensitive to Change: The mirror reflects changes in your attitudes and actions.

Example: If you start practicing gratitude every day, you will start seeing more things in your life to be grateful for.

7. The Mirror Reflects More of the Same: The mirror will amplify and reproduce what it reflects.

Example: If you focus on positivity and happiness, these feelings will be amplified in your reality.

8. The Mirror Reflects When Indifferent: The world only changes when you stop trying to change it and instead change your attitude towards it.

Example: If you’re single and desperately want a partner, that desperation could repel potential partners. But if you cultivate contentment and self-love, you might naturally attract a partner.

9. The Mirror is Amoral: The mirror doesn’t judge or have a moral compass; it only reflects.

Example: A person with negative intentions can also manifest their desires if they truly believe in them.

Are you curious about how you can transform your reality and manifest your deepest desires?

So, how does EFT fit into this picture, and how can we use it to manifest our desires?

EFT and the Dual Mirror Principle: A Powerful Combination

EFT, also known as tapping, is a potent self-help tool that involves tapping on specific meridian points while focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations. This helps clear emotional blocks in our body’s energy system, enabling us to transform our thoughts and emotions.

Harnessing the Dual Mirror Principle with EFT involves intentionally altering our emotional state, thereby influencing our attitudes and the “internal mirror.”

1. Identifying the Issue: Begin by acknowledging what you want to change in your life. Do you want more success? Healthier relationships? A better job?

2. Tapping through Negativity: EFT can help you address the negative emotions or limiting beliefs preventing you from achieving your goal. By tapping while focusing on these negative aspects, you can reduce their emotional impact and clear the path for positivity.

3. Manifesting Positivity: Once the negativity has been addressed, it’s time to infuse positivity into your being. The Dual Mirror Principle suggests that the world reflects our attitude. By cultivating positivity through EFT, we can influence the reflection in our world.

4. Patience and Persistence: Remember the “Mirror Reflects with a Delay” rule. Just as your desired change won’t happen overnight, the mirror’s reflection will take time to adjust. Consistent practice of EFT and maintaining a positive outlook are key.

5. Embrace the Change: As you consistently use EFT and uphold a positive attitude, you’ll notice your reality begin to shift. This is the “Mirror is Sensitive to Change” rule in action.

In essence, Vadim Zeland’s Dual Mirror principle in Reality Transurfing is about understanding that your reality is a reflection of both your inner beliefs and your actions. Changing your reality, therefore, involves altering these two aspects of your life.

By integrating EFT with the Dual Mirror Principle, we can effectively address our internal emotional state, attitudes, and beliefs, ultimately influencing the reflection we see in our world. Remember, the world is a mirror of your attitudes and beliefs. Change these, and you can change your world.

In this pursuit of manifestation, patience, self-love, and persistence are your best friends. Ready to embark on this transformative journey? It’s time to tap into your power and create your dream reality.