Embrace Freedom: Mastering the Dance of Attachments and Detachments in Your Energy Plexus” Featuring a Tapping Script

This blog draws inspiration from the profound insights of Matias De Stefano, which resonate deeply with my own beliefs. Additionally, at the conclusion of this blog, you’ll find a tapping script for further exploration and practical application.

In the realm of self-improvement and personal development, there’s often a focus on understanding the intricate aspects of our inner selves. One such aspect that plays a pivotal role in our emotional and mental well-being is the concept of attachments and detachments. To delve into this topic, we need to explore the connection between our plexus, emotions, and energy flow.

The Plexus: The Core of Attachment

In the fascinating realm of human energy centers, the plexus, often known as the solar plexus, takes center stage. Nestled within our abdominal region, it serves as the epicenter of our attachments, intricately connecting us to the external world. This is where we form emotional links and ties, forging our sense of self and shaping our unique personalities. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the plexus, unravel its mysteries, and explore its profound connection to the heart chakra. Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and understanding.

To truly grasp this concept, let’s delve into the profound connection between the plexus and the heart chakra. Imagine the heart as the very essence of service—a dynamic circuit where the energies we give are reciprocated in kind. This exchange flows seamlessly through us, with the heart serving as the central hub. What’s vital to understand is that the energy we receive resonates harmoniously with the energy we emit, not merely our intentions. It’s a symphony of connection, where our actions and vibrations intertwine with the world around us.

The Circuit of Giving and Receiving

To comprehend the dynamics of attachments and detachments, we must first grasp the concept of the circuit of giving and receiving. Just like the physical body takes in nutrients from food, processes them, and expels waste, our emotional and mental realms operate similarly. We receive various energies, transform them, and then either give them back or retain them.

The key is to recognize the cycle of giving and receiving. If we hoard received energy out of fear, it stagnates within, causing imbalance. Some energy goes to the liver, assimilating as part of our personality, while the rest, the unprocessed, turns into anger or hate. On the other hand, properly processed energy nourishes the body.

Elevating Your Frequency:  Energy Vibration vs. Intention

An essential distinction that holds the key to transforming your life is understanding the contrast between energy vibration and intention. Energy vibration is the core of how we feel in the present, while intention is our desire for the future. Picture this: if you find yourself in a state of sadness, but your intention is to be happy later, these are two distinct aspects of your being. However, it’s vital to grasp that the universe doesn’t heed intention; it responds solely to vibration. In essence, what you emit emotionally and mentally is what you’ll receive in return.

Consider this scenario: even if your intention is to be happy in the future, if you continue to radiate sadness in the present, you’re effectively broadcasting sadness into the universe. The universe operates without regard for moral or ethical considerations; it simply aligns energies and vibrations. Thus, if you emanate sadness, you’ll inevitably draw it back to you. This phenomenon explains why many individuals wonder why they seem to attract negativity despite their genuine intentions to the contrary.

Now, let’s imagine a comedian who transforms their personal suffering into humor, thereby raising their vibrational frequency and attracting joy in return. This vivid example illustrates our potential to transmute dense energy into higher, more positive vibrations. The essence lies not in perpetual happiness but in the wise utilization of our energy.

The Perils of Attachment

Attachment occurs when we cling to an energy or emotion, fearing its loss. It’s like holding onto an apple, afraid that we won’t find another to replace it. This attachment leads to stagnation, preventing the natural flow of energy. When we don’t give away what we’ve received, it gets stored within, creating a blockage.

Detachment: Finding Balance

Detachment isn’t about cutting off connections abruptly. It’s a process of recognizing imbalances in our attachments and restoring equilibrium. Just like entangled guitar strings can be adjusted rather than severed, our emotional and mental links can be balanced. Detaching means letting go of this external energy, understanding that the universe constantly provides new energy to replace it. Detachment requires introspection, understanding the origins of our attachments, and restoring harmony.

The Role of Plexus in Detachment

The plexus plays a pivotal role in our journey toward detachment. It’s the central point from which we can bring clarity and consciousness to our attachments. By understanding that every link we’ve formed has provided us with lessons, we can begin to give back and release what no longer serves us.

Embracing Unity and Balance

As we embark on the journey of detachment, it becomes crucial to embrace the essence of unity within ourselves. We are the stewards of our own unity, entrusted with the task of maintaining a delicate balance in the flow of our energies. It’s essential to realize that every attachment and detachment serves as a steppingstone in our learning process. By aligning ourselves with the principles of unity and equilibrium, we can break free from the grip of stagnant energies, allowing the natural flow of positivity and growth to flourish.

In conclusion, attachments and detachments are integral facets of our emotional and mental landscapes. Understanding the intricate dynamics of energy, particularly within the realm of our plexus, can guide us toward a more harmonious and balanced existence. As we acknowledge the significance of balance, we become the architects of our own unity, reality, nurturing personal growth and overall well-being.

Unlocking the Dance of Energy: Transforming Fear into Balance

Picture this: Life is an intricate dance of giving and receiving energy. To truly thrive, we must embrace this perpetual cycle. Imagine that you’ve experienced fear—a powerful emotion that can be overwhelming. What happens to this energy, and how does it affect us?

Well, let’s embark on a journey through the labyrinth of our own beings. Our first stop is the liver, a diligent organ always at work. It’s tasked with processing the energies we encounter, including emotions like fear. As it assimilates this energy, it becomes an integral part of our unique personality.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Sometimes, not all this energy can be fully digested and processed by our liver. Instead, it morphs into emotions we all recognize anger, hatred, or simmering resentment. These emotions find their home in the recesses of our liver.

However, for the energy that can be processed, it takes a different route. It journeys to other parts of our being, like the pancreas and the stomach, where it becomes a part of us, albeit not entirely ours. You see, this energy was meant to be received, transformed, and then given away, but often, we clutch onto it out of fear.

Here’s the crucial point: this retained energy doesn’t truly belong to us. It remains inextricably linked to its source, creating attachments that linger within us. It’s like holding onto a piece of a puzzle that doesn’t fit our picture.

In a world where we’re constantly entangled with external energies—be it from the food we consume, the emotions we experience, or the thoughts we entertain—it’s vital to grasp the universal principle: receive, transform, and give away. Just like the food we eat nourishes us and what we don’t need is returned to the Earth as compost, our emotional and mental realms operate in a similar fashion.

Take, for instance, a loving relationship. When two souls meet and exchange affection, they receive love energy. It’s then their responsibility to activate, transform, and return this energy to each other in an endless cycle of connection.

In the realm of ideas and thoughts, it’s no different. Engaging in a conversation means receiving ideas, processing them, and then sharing your evolved perspective with others. It’s all part of the beautiful give-and-take of energy that defines our existence.

So, remember, negative energy isn’t inherently malevolent; it’s merely another facet of the intricate energy web that surrounds us. Understanding this flow within and around us is the key to finding balance and harmony within ourselves and with the world.

Imagine another scenario that goes beyond emotions and thoughts and enters the realm of the tangible—your body’s response to an apple. You’ve taken a bite, and your body hesitates to begin the digestive process. Why? The fear lingers that this might be your last chance to eat, so you cling to that apple inside you.

Now, think of it in terms of energy, the driving force of your existence. Within this energy spectrum, there are two crucial players: the positive and the negative. Positive energy keeps your inner machinery in constant motion, swiftly consuming your resources. In contrast, negative energy acts as the brake, sometimes even grinding the entire system to a halt. It’s like maintaining a delicate balance in a complex circuit.

Let’s venture further into the concept of attachment to an energy source. Picture this: you’ve devoured that apple, but now you’re holding onto it, gripped by uncertainty about your next meal. This attachment becomes a barrier, preventing your body from releasing what it no longer needs. But let’s take it a step further. Consider if this seemingly innocent apple carried toxins that could harm your body. Your unwavering attachment to it could exacerbate the damage caused by these toxins.

This principle extends beyond the physical. Consider the realm of emotions. Imagine experiencing profound love in a relationship that eventually ends. The fear of never experiencing love again compels you to tightly clutch those emotions, stifling their natural flow.

Now, shift your focus to the realm of beliefs and ideas. You receive a brilliant notion, but the dread of judgment or criticism keeps you from expressing it. Instead, you lock it away, allowing it to morph into a belief, even if it no longer serves your growth.

This process of attachment and detachment transcends the boundaries of the physical, emotional, and mental domains. Just as your body processes nutrients and decides whether to use or eliminate them, life is a perpetual cycle of attachment and detachment.

Physical bonds can take on the guise of addictions, transforming substances like chocolate or drugs into crutches that we lean on for support. Emotional connections might see us grasping onto past relationships or falling into repetitive patterns that echo old loves. Meanwhile, mental attachments can ensnare us with beliefs that have long lost their relevance and purpose.

It’s worth noting that anything ranking below 200 on the maps of consciousness can have detrimental effects on our well-being. Such lower frequencies not only make our bodies vulnerable to illness but also shackle our happiness and keep us in a state of stagnation and limitation.

Recognizing these attachments marks the initial step. True detachment, however, requires delving deeper, understanding the roots of these connections. It’s not about abrupt disconnection but about addressing the underlying causes, akin to fine-tuning tangled guitar strings rather than cutting them.

Take a moment to reflect on what you’re attached to and what you’ve managed to detach from. This self-awareness serves as your compass, guiding you toward a harmonious balance of energies.

In Closing

We’ve ventured into the realms of vibration versus intention, exploring both physical and emotional stagnation as examples. Now, let’s shift our gaze to the plexus, the heart of your existence. Today, we plunge into the mesmerizing world of vibrations, where the perpetual dance of energy unfolds.

Understanding the intricate tapestry of attachments and detachments within the context of the plexus is a potent tool for personal growth and emotional well-being. By acknowledging the paramount significance of balance and unity, we embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing, ultimately leading us to a life filled with harmony and fulfillment.

Tapping Script: Infused with Matias De Stefano’s Wisdom

Let’s embark on a transformative journey inspired by Matias De Stefano. Take a moment to reflect on the things to which you are deeply attached and those from which you seek detachment free of judgement jot them down. Select one attachment at a time that you have and consider what you would like this energy to transform into. In this script, we have used ‘financial lack’ as the attachment we want to transmute into ‘financial abundance.
After each tapping statement, I’ve included the word “pause” to give you a moment to pause and reflect on what the statement conveyed before proceeding to the next statement. Remember to tap each point about 5-7 times while repeating the respective statement. This tapping sequence can help you focus on the script’s affirmations and promote a sense of unity and self-acceptance.

Together, we’ll align our solar plexus, the epicenter of our being.

Setup Statement
Side of the hand: Even though I have all these attachments and detachments within me, including financial lack, I deeply and completely accept myself and recognize that I am the Emissary of unity, transmuting this energy into financial abundance.

Even though I carry these numerous connections and separations within me, including financial lack, I wholeheartedly accept myself, acknowledging that I am the Ambassador of harmony, transforming these connections into financial abundance.

Even though I bear countless bonds and disconnections within me, including financial lack, I unconditionally accept myself, acknowledging that I am the Channel of unity, manifesting financial abundance.

Tapping Sequence (Body):

Eyebrow: “I am the embodiment of unity, where all things are connected, including financial abundance.”

Side of Eye: “I am the emissary of unity, and today I align with the vibration of the note A sharp or B flat, attracting financial abundance.” (pause).

Under Eye: “This note serves as a bridge, connecting the physical and the spiritual realms, including financial abundance. It resonates in the crown chakra, creating a platinum cord that unites the material and the spiritual, including financial aspects.” (pause).

Under Nose: “I sit comfortably, stretch my body, and take a moment to honor my physical vessel, my anchor in the material world, the vessel through which financial abundance flows.” (pause)

Chin: “As I focus on my breath. I inhale deeply through my nose, allowing the oxygen to fill my lungs, heart, blood, organs, and muscles, inviting financial abundance into every cell of my being.” (pause)

Collarbone: “I imagine the heat within my body radiating out through my skin, enveloping me in a protective aura, a shield of financial abundance. (pause).

Under Arm: “I become aware of the ‘I AM’ light above my head. I visualize this radiant light descending through the crown of my head, infusing my mind with qualities of truth and my heart with a sense of service, including service in achieving financial abundance.” (pause).

Top of Head: “As this light continues to flow down, it fills my solar plexus, the center where all my connections with the outer world are stored, including connections that lead to financial abundance.” (pause).

Eyebrow: “I visualize this energy emanating from the core of my plexus, illuminating like streams and tendrils, connecting me to the world around me, including the financial abundance that is always present.” (pause).

Side of Eye: “I observe the energy radiating from my solar plexus, envisioning it as streams and links, much like an octopus or jellyfish, connecting me to financial opportunities.” (pause).

Under Eye: “I recognize that these links and attachments are simply reactions to my hesitation to let go, to give freely, and to live in harmony, including with the flow of financial abundance.”

Under Nose: “I take a deep breath bringing the brilliance of ‘I AM’ to my solar plexus, infusing clarity and consciousness into these connections and attachments that define my personality, letting go of financial lack and aligning them with financial abundance.” (pause).

Chin: “I don’t need to cut these connections; instead, I bring clarity and consciousness to them. I acknowledge them without judgment, opening the path to financial abundance.”

Collarbone: “I am now working on transforming these energy links, transmuting them into brighter rays of light, like a radiant sun, illuminating my path to financial abundance.” (pause).

Under Arm: “As I imagine these octopus-like energy links transforming into brighter rays of light, like a radiant sun, I recognize that I am the emissary of unity, and every link is connected to me and only me, including the link to financial abundance.”(pause).

Top of Head: “From my infinite potential, I have the ability to balance these links, including the link to financial abundance. I am the emissary of unity.”

Eyebrow: “Each of these connections has taught me valuable lessons. Now, it’s time to learn how to give back, including by sharing the blessings of financial abundance.”

Under Eye: “I am the emissary of unity, attracting and manifesting financial abundance.”

Under Nose: “I serve as the representative of unity, drawing in and bringing forth financial abundance.”

Chin: “I am the ambassador of unity, drawing in and materializing financial abundance I am financial abundance.”

End of Tapping sequence

Place your hands over your heart, understanding that every attachment and detachment is part of your journey of learning.

Affirm everything I give and receive, both within and outside, is interconnected. I am the emissary of truth and unity.

Now, bring this awareness throughout your entire body. Care for yourself by stretching, massaging, and taking care of your physical vessel.

Embrace the affirmation: “I am the ambassador of Unity, and Financial Abundance acknowledging the profound interconnectedness of everything in this universe.”

Remember to stay hydrated and give your body the rest it deserves.

For more insights and guidance on emotional and mental well-being, stay tuned for further articles and resources.