Bending the Reality of Time and Space

Have you ever wondered if time is just an illusion created by our consciousness shifting through parallel realities? That’s the mind-bending concept explored by the enlightened being Bashar in this thought-provoking discussion.

You see, according to this wise teacher, we’ve been taught to view time in a very limited, linear way – the past creating the present, which then leads to the future. But what if the present is actually generating the past? What if there is only the “now” and what we think of as the past and future already coexist within us?

He explains that we are not really physical beings at all. Our greater selves are non-physical consciousness that has never left the “spirit realm.” This physical reality is akin to a dream we are having while still residing in spirit. Just as when we wake from a dream and realize “that was just a dream, this is who I really am,” the same will happen when we transition out of this physical experience.

So, if this physical life is like a dream, what is the nature of the “time” we experience within it? The enlightened being drops this mind-blowing truth:

“The idea is that time is a side effect created by shifting the focus of your consciousness through different parallel reality frameworks – literally billions of times per second. It’s like your movie projector is your consciousness focusing through different frames on a so-called ‘filmstrip’ of reality.”

Whoa…let that sink in for a moment. We are not moving linearly through a single timeline. Rather, our consciousness is rapidly shifting between an infinite number of probable realities that all coexist simultaneously! The perception of time and space “moving” is an illusion created by our consciousness illuminating one reality “frame” after another at an incredibly fast rate.

This is how creation expands – by us experiencing the same overarching structure from an infinity of unique perspectives and vantage points. Every moment, with every shift of our consciousness, we are quite literally changing ourselves into a new person existing on a different version of Earth in a different universe!

The key, according to this teacher, is to realize that we are the ones creating our subjective experience of the “past” based on our constantly changing identity in the present moment. Our memories of the past are not static, they are dynamically re-created and updated automatically to be consistent with who we now define ourselves as being.

By breaking free of the belief that anything in our past controls our present reality, we unlock the ability to experience anything we prefer. The past only exists as an illusion of continuity created by our present focus. Change that focus, and you will find yourself with an entirely new “past” that is more aligned with your new present reality and identity.

This is where the real magic happens. Now that we understand time and reality are highly malleable based on our consciousness, we can start “drawing from the future” rather than the past. Instead of being influenced by an inherited past, we can shift our focus forward and be “encouraged by our future selves” who are already experiencing our preferred realities.

By embodying and mirroring the vibration of our ideal future selves now, we naturally shift our consciousness towards those parallel realities that are a vibrational match. We bring that future into our present experience simply by acting like that future is our current reality.

The signs of making this shift are increased synchronicity in life, the sense of physical reality becoming more flexible and plastic and feeling a greater connection with your “higher mind.” In fact, those unsettling times when it feels like reality itself is accelerating. That’s just that you are becoming more aware of the incredible billions-of-times-per-second rate at which your consciousness has always been shifting already!

Ultimately, this understanding of time allows you to steer your life based on the “principle of excitement” – by always acting on what contains your highest passion and excitement in any given moment, with zero assumptions about what the outcome should look like. This aligns you with the creative flow of your higher mind and allows you to effortlessly manifest a life experience that is an exact vibrational match to your preferences and desires.

After all, as he reminds us, the reflection we call physical reality cannot contradict us because it is strictly a mirror for what we choose to broadcast from within. It is “unconditionally supportive” of whatever we decide to define as our reality.

By acting on our passion, staying centered and positive no matter what circumstances arise, we steer our consciousness through a succession of probable realities that become more and more reflective of our ideal experiences. Challenges are just opportunities to extract a positive outcome and use them as a trampoline to propel us even higher.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what happens in the holographic illusion around us. It only matters what we choose to make it mean for ourselves based on our vibration. That is the secret to controlling not just the present, but literally re-writing our entire subjective historical timeline as we go! “There is only the NOW, the HERE, the PRESENT MOMENT.

So are you ready to take the eye-opening leap? To discard the limits of past and future and embrace your power to shape-shift your consciousness into a never-ending unfolding of your wildest dreams and preferences? Then join me in celebrating this enlightened being’s most empowering pointer:

EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques – an easy yet astonishingly powerful tool to hack into your body’s energy system and shatter limiting beliefs at their core.

Think of EFT as having the “source code” for your present experience. You can surgically rewrite that code to autocorrect into an entirely new operational matrix simply by tapping on specific energy points!

One of the most profound uses of EFT is neutralizing the deepest belief that “time” even exists as we know it. By tapping through the fear, doubt, and resistance around being the true non-linear, trans-temporal creators that we are, we start opening up to experience the infinite possibilities available in the NOW.

Imagine the freedom of your consciousness being completely unshackled from any personal past or future! No longer are you a victim bound to reincarnating across eons and recycling through karmic cycles. With the power to recode your energy system, you jumpstart your own self-directed evolution – a continual conscious upgrade!

As you tap away all disempowering patterns, you’ll sense the quantum fabric of reality itself morphing around you. Synchronicities and supernatural experiences become the new normal as you lock in higher and higher frequencies of your most ecstatic, wildest dreams!

The past and future lose all meaning because you exist as an eternal singularity, focused masterfully on sculpting your desired probability in each blissful present moment.

With EFT for company, you access the jump room to manifest your most exciting, innovative existence. The real question becomes: What mind-blowing, ecstatic experience do you wish to create next by shifting your consciousness?

By combining this electrifying new model of reality-creation with Emotional Freedom Techniques, you unleash the codes to bend the hologram and rewrite your subjective historical timeline. The universe lays bare, awaiting your updated preferences!

Are you ready to awaken as the multi-dimensional time/space-bender you were born to be? Then grab your remote control and tune into the channeled wisdom within this discussion. Your future beckons, and you are already its architect…from the inside out.”

Let’s dream up a new reality together!