Overcome Fear With EFT Therapy | Tap Into Your Best Life

Overcome Fear With EFT Therapy | Tap Into Your Best Life

Does your body feel uptight, do you have a pounding heart, unable to breathe, is your mind racing with thoughts, unable to sleep?

We all experience fear at one point or another, perhaps there is a health challenge, we are afraid for our life or there is a loved one that has a serious health condition. There is a number of common fears this is just a few:

Not having money
Being in a crowd
Fear of public places (agoraphobia)
Fear of public speaking
And many more

Fear weakens the immune system. We no longer can see possibility.

What happens when we are experiencing fear in the body?

Our bodies may freeze, we anticipate events which have not yet happened, our mind spins endlessly with thousands of thoughts, Imagining the worst-case scenario, often based on past experiences. We feel very uncomfortable being present and being in our own skin. We cannot see the possibility for a solution or better life.

There are no neutral thoughts, our thoughts are very powerful and have the power to create. As a result, we are re- creating our past into the future based on our past memories.

The body’s fear response is to release adrenaline, cortisone and hormones. Continuous exposure to these chemicals makes the body weaker and less able to fight disease, the body cannot heal itself in this state. Fear can be a big obstacle in our wellbeing, and limits our full potential.

EFT is highly effective in releasing deep rooted fears, and discharges negative emotions attached to memories. Tapping sends a message to the amygdala to calm it down. EFT Introduces a non-traumatic stimulus and soothes the body by releasing the emotion and brings us to the present moment. This interrupts the emotional trigger that was created by the traumatic memory. When clearing past memories and triggers with EFT over a period of time fear will not have such a grip on us. EFT breaks the established conditioned feedback loop.

Once fear is released, we are out of the fight or flight mode and the body can return to maintenance and repair mode so we can experience more peace. We have more clarity to make better choices and create the life we really want and become our best self.

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