Overcome Feeling Stuck In Life With EFT Tapping | Tap Into Your Best Self

Overcome Feeling Stuck In Life With EFT Tapping | Tap Into Your Best Self

Step 1 : Break Free from Limitations

Are you feeling stuck in life, unable to move forward? It’s time to shatter those barriers and unlock your true potential. Start by acknowledging the challenges that are holding you back. Take a moment to reflect and create two powerful lists.

List 1 : Identify the challenge and ask yourself, what am I feeling at the current time or about the situation?  To your surprise you may discover you are overwhelmed with thoughts. List three or four emotions and three or four beliefs. These are the emotions/beliefs that are keeping you away from your desired future. The first thing to do is break away from the negative thinking patterns which I discuss in Step 2. We discover whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, we are judging ourselves, we are frustrated, we have self-doubt and impatience of why we haven’t achieved our goal or why there has not been a change in our life.

List 2 : Write down your intention with detail. Envision your desired outcome in vivid detail, noting the positive emotions and empowering beliefs associated with it. This is the first step towards breaking free from the negative thinking patterns that keep you stuck.  List those positive emotions with positive beliefs about yourself having achieved your goal. What is in the way of your desired outcome, are the emotions and beliefs that you identified from your first list keeping you stuck in your unwanted reality.

Step 2: Tapping into Your Inner Power

Set a Time and start Tapping on your emotions from list one. As you tap you will most probably uncover more limiting emotions and beliefs. Ask yourself when is the earliest time I felt this way? Tap to neutralize those early memories. If memories are traumatic work with a Trauma informed Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. EFT tapping and hacking reality (matrix imprinting therapy) techniques are very helpful in clearing limiting emotions, negative beliefs.

Emotions that have no charge no longer hold us stuck. The power of EFT Tapping and matrix reimprinting therapy can provide you with the awareness to change disempowering beliefs to achieve more empowered ones. 

Common disempowering beliefs are: ‘I’m not good enough’, I’m not rich enough’, ‘I am too fat and ugly’, ‘too old’,’ something is wrong with me ‘,’ Nothing ever changes’ and so on.

Step 3 : Align Your Energy for Success

 To manifest your desired outcome, you need to align your energy with your goals. If you catch yourself dwelling on your current circumstances, rather than feeling the emotions of your future success, revisit Step 2. By tapping and utilizing reality-hacking techniques, you’ll remove any energetic blocks standing in your way. As you clear the emotional clutter, you’ll experience a profound shift in your vibration, bringing you closer to the life you truly desire.

Step 4 : Embrace Empowering Beliefs

Now it’s time to embed empowering beliefs into your being. Tap along while repeating positive affirmations that reflect the emotions and beliefs from your second list. If doubts or resistance arise, don’t worry. These are common and simply indicate deeper layers that need attention. Return to Step 2, tapping away those doubts and limitations until you feel a deep sense of alignment and confidence in your new belief system. EFT tapping, coupled with positive affirmations, will accelerate your transformation and pave the way for your ultimate success.

Step 5 : Step into Your Future

Immerse yourself in the future you deserve. Dedicate daily time to visualize and feel the joy, fulfillment, and abundance that come with achieving your goals. Embrace the excitement of living your best life. Step by step, as you release lower frequency emotions and replace limiting beliefs, you’ll find yourself living in alignment with your vision. You have the power to shape your reality.

As a certified EFT and hacking reality practitioner, I am here to guide you on this empowering journey. Together, we’ll dissolve the chains of disempowerment, liberating you to embrace a life of abundance and possibility. Don’t let feeling stuck define your future any longer. Contact me today to embark on a transformative path towards your best self.