Overcome Feeling Stuck In Life With EFT Tapping | Tap Into Your Best Self

Overcome Feeling Stuck In Life With EFT Tapping | Tap Into Your Best Self

Step 1

Create two lists:

List 1 : Identify the challenge and ask yourself, what am I feeling at the current time or about the situation?  To your surprise you may discover you are overwhelmed with thoughts. List three or four emotions and three or four beliefs. These are the emotions/beliefs that are keeping you away from your desired future. The first thing to do is break away from the negative thinking patterns which I discuss in Step 2. We discover whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, we are judging ourselves, we are frustrated, we have self-doubt and impatience of why we haven’t achieved our goal or why there has not been a change in our life.

List 2 : Write down your intention with detail. Ask yourself how would I feel if I had achieved my desired goal?  List those positive emotions with positive beliefs about yourself having achieved your goal. What is in the way of your desired outcome, are the emotions and beliefs that you identified from your first list keeping you stuck in your unwanted reality.

Step 2

Set a Time and start Tapping on your emotions from list one. As you tap you will most probably uncover more limiting emotions and beliefs. Ask yourself when is the earliest time I felt this way? Tap to neutralize those early memories. If memories are traumatic work with a Trauma informed Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. EFT tapping and hacking reality (matrix imprinting therapy) techniques are very helpful in clearing limiting emotions, negative beliefs.

Emotions that have no charge no longer hold us stuck. The power of EFT Tapping and matrix reimprinting therapy can provide you with the awareness to change disempowering beliefs to achieve more empowered ones. 

Common disempowering beliefs are: ‘I’m not good enough’, I’m not rich enough’, ‘I am too fat and ugly’, ‘too old’,’ something is wrong with me ‘,’ Nothing ever changes’ and so on.

Step 3

In order to achieve our desired outcome, we have to be at a vibrational match with our desired outcome. Whenever you think of your future and you are not feeling the feelings of your desired goal your energy is not synchronized with your desire. We can only be in one state at one given time either the current situation or our desired future. Repeat step 2. Use EFT tapping and hacking reality techniques to clear what is in the way of your progress.

Step 4

A very powerful step is tapping positive affirmations. Tap positive affirmations to further embed the new emotions, beliefs you identified from your second list. If any doubt or resistance arises, in EFT therapy they are called “tail-enders”, and they often reveal core disempowering beliefs. Go Back to step 2 to tap the tail-enders. Once all is cleared continue with Step 4, EFT Tapping Positive affirmations. EFT Tapping and saying positive affirmations will enable you to experience your future faster.

Step 5

Set aside some time daily to imagine and feel how happy you are thinking that you have reached your goal.

Little by little you will have cleared whatever is in the way of you and living your future enjoying your success. Once all lower frequency emotions and limiting beliefs are cleared it is only a matter of time before you are living in the future you have imagined!

As a certified EFT and matrix reimprinting practitioner I can help you release the old disempowering belief from your subconscious mind so that you can replace it with the new belief leading you to freedom and new life.

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